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Klaarstroom is situated at the Northern, Great Karoo entrance to Meiringspoort, a spectacular gorge through the Swartberg Mountains. An exceptionally good road winds for 21km past towering rock-faces, crossing the Groot River 25 times. Each causeway has its own name and own story. The mountain-sides are twisted and shaped into fascinating geological formations, creating an area of outstanding natural beauty.

As a result of the different soil types on the various rock-faces, the visitor passes through four identified veld types. The wild geranium, Pelargonium Zonale, the biological ‘grandmother’ of subsequent Geranium hybrids throughout the world, was first sourced here in 1689 and is commonplace in the gorge.

Meiringspoort is home to a variety of wild animals including the Klipspringer (small buck), the rarely seen Cape Mountain Leopard, the Baboon and Jackal as well as multiple species of birds. 10km into the poort is the Great Waterfall, which is accessible from a viewing site. Throughout the poort you will find attractive and well maintained picnic sites with braaing (barbecuing) and ablution facilities.

Take a slow drive to enjoy the scenery, stop and drink the water, pack a picnic and have a swim after a short hike to the Meiringspoort Waterfall. The well-cared for rest and picnic areas are safe and a pleasant way to enjoy the views. For the more active, enter the Meiringspoort Marathon that takes place in October every year.

The Great Waterfall

The Meiringspoort Waterfall is one of the area's most beautiful attractions; not only for its breath-taking beauty, but also because it is free of charge and a favourite for young and old alike. Today, a picnic area has been added, and is perfectly placed with the pool and waterfall as its gorgeous backdrop. The pool is safe for swimming and deep enough for some diving. It has been an inviting retreat for visitors and hikers that are enjoying the beauty of the Klein Karoo. There is an urban myth about a mermaid that once occupied the waters, but was washed out by the floods or caught in a fisherman’s net. However unbelievable, it continues to be passed down from one generation of Meiringspoort visitors to the next.

The Meiringspoort Waterfall, its thundering waters and the glorious rainbows that it forms, are all part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.






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